Smart Water Sensor Overview


Our sump pump failed a few years ago. No one noticed until our basement carpeting was soaked. After about a thousand bucks in clean-up costs, I vowed to get a sump pump alarm. But the nice ones that send you a text when they detect water cost a few hundred bucks. They also require a monitoring subscription for another few bucks per month. This lead me to the smart water sensor for my smart home.

Smart water sensor on sump pump
Sump pump pit with a smart water sensor placed just above the high water mark.

Smart Water Sensor Discovery

While I was contemplating my options, I started working on my smart home. I discovered that smart water sensors are really cheap! Like this one by Samsung that costs only $20.

Overview of Smart Water Sensor

A smart water sensor units is battery powered, run on the low-power Zigbee network, are easy to install, and work great. The sensor contains two separate contacts that when both get wet, closes the circuit and triggers an alarm. I have tested the sensor many times and it works flawlessly.

Samsung smart water sensor
Samsung smart water sensor next to a mouse for size comparison. The sensor is about 1×1.5-inches.

Smart Water Sensor Alarms

A smart water sensor can be configured in the SmartThings application to trigger events when they get wet. The most basic alert is a banner message on your cell phone. But they can also be set to send a text message alert, or even turn on other lights or devices in your home. The SmartApps in the SmartThings application provide all of the trigger settings you will need.

Samsung smart water sensor behind toilet to monitor for any leaks.


There really is no excuse for not have a few smart water sensors installed anyplace where a water leak would cause major damage, like a sump pump, under a dishwasher, under toilets, under the fridge, etc.

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