Smart Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Overview


A smart carbon monoxide and smoke alarm is cheap and easy to install. Once you have a smart home, there really is no excuse not to have at least one in your home.

Alarm Overview

Smart Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm
First Alert Z-Wave CO and Smoke Alarm

I went with a First Alert Z-Wave smart carbon monoxide and smoke alarm. At only $45, this alarm is a bargain for the peace of mind of CO monitoring and remote smoke alerts. This alarm came highly recommended and has great reviews on Amazon. It is designed to run off of batteries only, and it has no provisions for wired power or connecting to a chain of detectors.

The manufacturer claims and three year battery life. And based on the reviews, that seems to be a fair claim. (You can monitor the battery level in the SmartThings app). The alarm looks just like a regular smoke detector, and comes with the holding case and screw for mounting. In some respects, this is a pretty bare bone alarm. But although this alarm does not have a lot of frills, it works as advertises and is Z-Wave compatible, so it can connect to your smart home.


Installation was a piece of cake actually. Turning it on involved pushing the battery compartment closed and testing it out. It worked and it is loud! Mounting it was easy with the provided mounting bracket and screws that work just like every other smoke alarm I have ever seen.


Integration was a piece of cake too. Adding the alarm to your smart network involves closing the battery compartment while depressing the test button. This put it into pairing mode, and the SmartThings app recognized it and paired with it right away. You can see the status of the alarm and track the battery level right in the app.

I then setup a “notify me” home automation in the smart things app to send me alerts via text message when the alarm goes off. This will be convenient in case the alarm trips and I am not home. Peace of mind comes from knowing that everything is ok at home while you are away.

Smart Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm
Screenshot of the “notify me” automation to trigger a text message if the alarm goes off.


I really couldn’t be happier about this smart carbon monoxide and smoke alarm. The price was fair, it was easy to install and integrate, and it works as advertised. I would highly recommend this smart alarm. Buy one here!

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