Recipe to Monitor Sump Pump Failure

Step-by-step description of how to receive an alert before your basement floods, if your sump pump fails. This post includes information on the equipment, steps, and set-up needed to accomplish this outcome.

Smart sump pump monitor
Sump pump monitor via a smart water sensor

This recipe outlines the steps to install a sump pump monitor and configure it to alert you to a failure.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Smart home hub – The first step is to set up a smart home hub so that you can use a smart water sensor that supports Z-Wave or Zigbee. Smart water sensors run on batteries and so they need the low-power consumption offered by these protocols. The hub will also come with the SmartThings app that you can use to monitor and configure the smart water sensor.
  2. Smart Water Sensor – You will need a smart water sensor to detect when the water rises above the normal level. Place the sensor slightly above the high water mark in your sump pit.
  3. Integration – The smart water sensor will connect to the SmartThings application on your phone. Follow the process in the SmartThings app to connect it.
  4. Alarms – Configure the alarm by clicking on the Automation tab across the bottom of the SmartThings app. Add a SmartApp called “Notify Me When”. This SmartApp will walk you through the steps of configuring the alarm, including sending a banner notification to your cell phone and a text message when triggered.

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