Product Links

Here are links to all of the products that I have mentioned in this blog:

Apple Homepod

Bond ceiling fan controller

Echo Dot

Echo Plus smart speaker and hub

Echo Smart speaker

GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb

GE Z-Wave Smart Control Add-On Smart Switch

GE Z-Wave Smart Control Ceiling Fan Controller

GE Z-Wave Smart Control Dimmer Switch

GE Z-Wave Smart Control Light Switch

GE Z-Wave Smart Control Outdoor Plug

Google Home smart speaker and hub

Nest Thermostat

Peanut smart plug

Ring Pro doorbell

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung Water sensor monitor

Wall switch cover plate ten-pack single switch

Wall switch cover plate two-switch

Wall switch cover plate three-switch

Wall switch cover plate two-switch (one paddle one standard switch)

Wall switch cover plate three-switch (two paddle one standard switch)

Wemo light switch

Wemo plug

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