Four Way Smart Switch Wiring (or more)


Before getting starting wiring a smart switch, be sure to familiarize yourself with the articles on the introduction to wiring and basic (non-smart) switch wiring. It would also be beneficial if you have already wired a single smart switch and a three-way smart switch. If you have not, review the article on wiring a smart switch and wiring a three-way smart switch for good overviews.

Four Way Smart Switch Wiring

Once you have grasped the concept of installing a three-way smart switch, adding more switches to control the light is easy. It is just a matter of adding more add-on switches to the circuit. It really is just that easy! There is one new item to be aware of with primary switch placement noted below. Here are the steps for wiring a four-way (or more) smart switch:

  1. Power off.  Always be sure to turn the power off at the breaker before starting any wiring work. 
  2. Primary switch – Wire the primary switch following the exact same steps for a three-way switch. They key thing here is to place the primary switch at one end of the chair (not in the middle). With three or more switches in the circuit, there will be two switches (one on each end of the chain) that only have one red traveler wire going to them. The switch (or switches) in the middle of the chain will have two-red traveler wires going to them. These connect to each switch on either side in the chain. Place the primary switch in one of the two junction boxes that has a single red traveler wire connecting to the existing switch.
  3. Add-on switches – For each add-on switch, follow the exact same steps outlined above for the three-way switch. For the add-on switch in the middle of the chain, just connect both red wires to the traveler terminal.
Four way smart switch wiring
Four-way or more switches can be wired by just adding more add-on switches to the circuit.


That’s it! Once you have wired a three way smart switch, doing a four way smart switch (or more) is not that difficult, and build on what you have already learned.

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