Recipe to Control Lights in a Three-Way Smart Wall Switch

Step-by-step description of how to control lights in a three-way smart wall switch. This post includes information on the equipment, steps, and set-up needed to accomplish this outcome.

Smart home three way switch
Stairs like this are a great application for a three-way smart switch.

This recipe outlines the steps to control lights that are part of a three-way switch. It provides the steps to accomplish the control via voice commands to your smart speaker.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Smart home hub – I recommend that you skip using WiFi switches, and jump right to setting up a smart home hub so that you can use switches that support Zigbee and Z-Wave. This will set you up for more smart home devices in the future. The hub will also come with an app that you can use to control your smart home from your phone.
  2. Smart speaker – The smart speaker will be a key I/O (inout / output) for controlling your switch. The Echo smart speakers include access to the Alexa app for your phone, where you can control your smart switch.
  3. Smart wall switches – Start with this overview of some switch options and concepts. You will need two smart wall switches for this function: a primary switch like this GE single smart switch, or this GE Smart Dimmer Switch, and an add-on switch.
  4. How a switch works – This quick tutorial will give you a basic understanding of how a switch works, which will make wiring the smart switch a little more intuitive.
  5. Wiring – Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions for wiring a three-way switch. It is not as hard as you think!
  6. Wall cover plates – You will probably need a new wall cover plate after you install the switch. The possibilities are endless, but you can usually find what you need on Amazon. Just search for 2-gang, 3-gang, etc.
  7. Integration – The smart GE Smart Switches will connect to the SmartThings application on your phone. Follow the process in the SmartThings app to connect it.

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